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JCI Chain
Dear world JCI friends!
JCI Europe starting an amazing project about chains history of JCI.
The main idea of the project is to tell history of JCI by history of such important symbol of all junior chambers in the world as chains of different JCI Leaders (presidents, heads of senatorial committee etc)
You can help us and take your own part in this project. All you need is to answer the questions about your national chain. Thank you for helping us!
Please answer the questions:
Your E-mail?*
Your Full Name?*
Your National organization?*
Does chains has some special details in the design? Describe it shortly?*
Can you write something interesting about the greatest owners of your chain?
When and where was it created?
Can you remember interesting story/fact about chain wich had a place?
Name of the current chain owner?*
Please, add a few high-quality photos of chain*
Please, add a few high-quality photos of chain
E-mail: ggorchakov@europe.jci.cc
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